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The present is all there is. 

5 Things I Learned From The Mountains

The moon always rises, the sun always sets – and the mountains are there to prove to you that – though you've got places to go and things to do – if you stand still a minute, you can breathe in the view, mountain-style. Here's what the mountains taught me...


Spark the wildfire inside you.

Down Days: Beating Resistance

Pay attention to the happenings around you. If it feels like you're doing too much. You're doing too much. Replace resistance with resonance and enjoy the energy of the people around you. Your friends know, your family knows, but you know best. 


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The Fall

Now this is living!  This is truly living!
Living is this:
Living is almost dying, but not.



Having a home is not a birth right. Homes can be lost. Homes can be found. Home is where you feel most alive. Whether that is because of a place, an experience, or a group of people, home transcends everything else.

[He]artful dialogue: Co-creating Artful Conversation with Courage

Time and life in the presence of another person are too precious an opportunity to squander. We need to say what matters even when nothing shouldn't happen. Give love to your silence. Give yourself enough rest and nourishment to keep intuitive thought flow going. That's the key to [he]artful conversations.


Lorde Lookalike Man with the first exclusive interview of the man behind the 'stache. Enter Tim Smith: internet famous Lorde lookalike.

Be a Play Warrior

When I find the means to forgive myself, or make a discovery about how I view the world that I didn't previously know, it allows me to see more humanity in other people -- to soften my rigid views, expectations, and notions of reality. This creates deep connection and love... something that, as humans, we all crave and desire.